Here we have a full, long post where we use plenty of different features of Markdown. This blog features the default styling, so you can apply your custom theme to it to easily see how everything will work.


You can use our custom CSS to create your own custom theme.

More Coming...


Custom themes work with all versions of WriteFreely.

Other Markdown features

Create a bulleted list by starting lines with hyphens (-) or asterisks (*). Either way, it'll come out looking like this:

Numbered lists are created, naturally, by starting a line with a number followed by a dot (.).

  1. Numbered
  2. List

Bold and Italic and Code text

Here's a nice little image:


And that's the end of this section. also does its best to support the exact spacing you put in your posts.

So you can freely add new lines.

And even get creative with your s p a c i n g